Jewasian Pairings?

Yes… Jew, Asian, Pairings.

Like many other converts out there, I started considering conversion to Judaism for love.

Aaron and I met for the first time at a friend’s wedding few years after college. Despite having gone to the same college, we had never met, and we still joke about how we were probably in some of the same classes in college, but that is for later!

Like many other couples these days, we each pursued our career in different parts of the country, and in the world… and after countless flights, emails, skype calls and dates, we are now in New York City together, engaged, enjoying our life together, and preparing for our wedding early 2017.

I don’t quite remember when the topic of conversion first came up, but I do remember being surprised. I barely knew he was Jewish?!? It did not appear to be a huge part of his life and he was not religious nor observant. There was no mention of synagogue, no yamulke, no keeping kosher. Maybe an occasional Yiddish words? like Oy Vey? Schmuck? But who doesn’t use those words?

What made it even more confusing was his request- he would appreciate it if I converted, but that it is not necessary for me to change what I believe in. And after some time later when I told him that I would convert, I thought exactly that. Just a rubber stamp, no need to change anything- that I would somehow be converted and we would be on our way to getting married, no mention of it ever again.

Many months later, five months into our engagement, I am starting to intentionally search for the pieces of Judaism that I can adopt as my own. I will be fully Asian, but I will become fully Jewish also. Just like Koreans who grew up in the US and have adopted American culture are Korean-Americans, I will be Jewish, and Asian- I will be a Jewasian.

I do not yet know what it means, but this blog records my life and perspectives as one- a Jewasian pairing as in identity and culture, and as in food and wines. There will be many firsts, (hopefully) not as many second thoughts!!





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