Holidays – the more, the merrier

I am ethnically Korean, a former Protestant, currently not religious, looking to convert to Judaism early next year.

When Aaron, my fiance, first asked me to convert, one of my first questions was if Judaism was a religion for him, and his answer was no. It was culture, it was holidays, it was food that you eat on those holidays.

Food + Holidays? No objection there!

Here is a list of holidays that we will celebrate as a family, and in my future posts, I will explore each of these further.

  1. Korean New Year’s Day
    • Food: Korean Rice Cake Soup
    • Tradition: Do Saebae (bow to your elders) for your parents and grandparents and they give you money for good luck!
    • Something fun: Yoot-Nol-Yi- Korean Boardgame
  2. Korean Lunar New Year (Chinese’s New Year)
    • Food: Korean Rice Cake, I will advocate for Dimsum?
  3. Purim
    • I am not sure if Andy wants to observe this holiday?!
  4. Passover
    • Food: Brisket, Gefilte Fish
    • Tradition: Seder Plate, Haggadah
    • Something fun: Afikomen!
  5. Han-Sik
    • Food: Wormwood ricecake, buckwheat noodle soup
    • Tradition: Go visit your ancester’s grace
  6. Shavuot
    • Food: Dairy- cheesecake, blintzes
    • Tradition: Reading of Torah
    • Something fun: Bikkurim Festival for children
  7. Rosh Hashanah (Jewish New Year)
    • Food: Apple & Honey
    • Tradition: Sounding of Shofar
    • Something fun: Eat!
  8. Chu Suk- Korean Thanksgiving
    • Food: Steamed chestnuts, Ricecakes, Mungbean Pancake
    • Tradition: Remember your ancestors
    • Something Fun: Korean card games
  9. Sukkot
    • Food: Sufganiyot
  10. Yom Kippur
    • Food: None
    • Tradition: Atonement
    • Something Fun: what?
  11. American Thanksgiving
    • Food: Turkey, baked sweet potatoes, cranberry sauce
    • Tradition: Eat!
  12. Hanukah
    • Food: Potato Latkes
    • Tradition: Light the Minorah
  13. Dong-Ji
    • Food: Sweet Red Bean Porridge
    • Tradition: Stay up late and eat the porridge, burn pine nuts




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